I’ve said that wireless technology was reprogramming human behavior. That we were becoming so dependent on the instruments which were intended to free us, are actually captivating us by their incessant demands. It is so hard for us to get away from our cell phones that there is no longer a life between the pings (https://healingdoc.com/blogs/2013/11/life-between-the-pings/. I also want to tell you that the cell phone will change the practice of medicine in wonderful ways.

We are in the midst of a culture shift in healthcare delivery, moving from an interventional model to one that focuses on prediction and prevention. The new technology will help patients manage their health problems; they’ll be able to purchase applications for their phones to monitor their heart problems (take an EKG, perform an ultrasound, echocardiogram), or check blood glucose and manage their diabetes at home, while having a phone appointment with their doctor.

An EKG app costs $199 that records and transmits to your doctor’s phone your cardiac status. A microscopic chip the size of a grain of sand is being developed that will circulate in your bloodstream and can pick up the warning signs of an impending heart attack. The new technology actually allows doctors and patients to transmit data while talking to each other; even if it’s only 5 minutes they’ll focus on each other, it’s a relationship.

The healthcare of the future is not about intervention, but prediction and prevention. People will be monitoring their own bodies, listening to what it’s telling them, and making some intelligent choices about how they come to whatever they are facing. We will heal ourselves at home, and in supportive communities, that’s cheaper and will leave us healthier.

May this year find you making healthy choices,…a very Happy New Year to you all relatives, I say this For All My Relations…Mi Takuye Oyasin…