These last weeks’ have been intense for me. I am in the midst of making the Clown Town Healing Fest happen. This inaugural event promotes health and healing in community, and has reminded me once again of my organizational inadequacies and my intolerance of bureaucracy’s. It takes so long to get things done, and to have to depend on others to follow through makes my skin crawl.

My personal frustrations were intensified by what was happening around me in these last weeks. There is a phantom sniper skulking around the major freeway through town randomly shooting at vehicles. In the last couple of weeks there been eleven incidents and people are as focused on the overpasses as they are on the roads. There are always the conspiracy theorists churning paranoid fears that this is of a government plot to take away the right to bear arms. It’s enough to make you shake your head in disbelief.

Then there is Donald Trump who is leading the polls as a serious Presidential candidate. I can’t imagine this insufferable, narcissistic blowhard representing America and its principles, to the world.

Then the problem of refugees seeking asylum, it’s an overwhelming global problem. In Europe alone, hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived this year and thousands have died trying to get there. They have left countries terrorized by war and dissention; they have been harassed and rejected as countries struggle to absorb them. Then I saw a picture of a Syrian family who’d been on the road for months, a young German woman greeted these strangers upon their arrival at Munich’s central railroad station with a sign that read Welcome Home, offered them a hot drink, and gave their child a teddy bear.

That act of kindness restored my equilibrium… put my misery in perspective, and restored and my faith in the potential for our shared humanity. Thank you.

To my Jewish relatives, I wish you a Happy New Year 5776, may it be a year of peace, health and welcome homes.