Anthony Wiener, Democratic Congressman representing New York’s Ninth District, Tweeted a photo of his underwear clad crotch to women he met through online chat rooms. His photo was accompanied by explicit sexual messages, and in which he bragged that he was a US Congressman. First he lied, and as the truth emerged it became fodder for comics, late night talk shows, and now a bandwagon of politicians shouting for his resignation.

Weiner hasn’t resigned and instead decided to enter a treatment program to work on his problems. You can be sure that at this facility he will receive a psychiatric diagnosis for which drugs will be recommended. He can now attribute his behavior to his newfound mental illness. Anthony Weiner does not suffer from a psychiatric disorder, he is just a schmuck.

I love this Yiddish word which means penis but is used to connote a man who is more than just a jerk; it’s someone who is obnoxious, stupid, does things that invite head-shaking disbelief, and when acting this way don’t realize what assholes they are.

Every man has the capacity to be a schmuck, and all of us hope we have the capacity to acknowledge when we are and change our behaviors. But I think being a schmuck enough reason to resign. Whatever Weiner’s ego and/or stupidity in this escalating sideshow, the question is does he represent his district well?

Weiner’s constituency, the people of Queens and Brooklyn will vote again and they’ll tell us whether they want him to continue to represent them. Until then I think whenever he appears in public, people should greet him with a rousing Schmuck, just to remind him to own his behavior and move ahead.