The second annual CTHF last weekend in Phoenix was another amazing demonstration of healing in community. Clowns mobilized the healing resources in the city, bringing together a diverse group of practitioners all of whom told their stories about how people can get well before they get sick. There were doctors, dentists, nurses, social workers, body workers, and therapists of every description; there were workshops with dancers, yogis, bodyworkers, clowns and drum circles; and expert panels addressing critical healthcare issues.

The Truth Clinic was staffed by “Truth Fairies”, these are healthcare professionals who, on the day before the Fest, participated in a day-long workshop on “clown healing” where they learned how to actively listen and engage with people in a short time. The Truth Fairies talked to people young and old for 15 minutes about any health-related questions they might have or issues they’re facing.

In my clown persona, a 6’6” flamingo ballerina in a tutu, I serve as the barker who brings people in. I ask when was the last time they talked to a healthcare professional for 15” about anything important to them?

In contemporary medicine, doctors don’t spend much time talking, it’s a quick visit with a discussion of symptoms, tests are ordered, a diagnosis is made and usually pills prescribed. This interventional model is encouraged by a pharmaceutical industry who, through direct to consumer advertising have promulgated the fallacy that every ailment and discomfort can be cured with a pill (brand name of course).

Turns out that talking with someone who is knowledgeable, actively listens, and empathic, is always helpful. From ancient shaman to modern surgeons, doctors have always known…to heal people you must talk to them.

The Truth Clinic is a paradigm-shifting demonstration of preventive healthcare delivery. No diagnoses, no pills, just a heartfelt connection with a knowledgeable, empathic listener speaking your truth and hearing another’s truth has a magical quality. The Truth Fairy Conversation Cure provides light on a path once hidden, and it opens doors where there were once walls.

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