My firstborn daughter’s birthday is two days before mine, it was the most extraordinary birthday present ever). Every year we do a little celebratory thing together… no big hoo-ha, just a little toast, but this year, maybe because it was Easter/Passover week there were lots of people around. With the efficiency of IPhone immediacy, a party started happening Good Friday afternoon and continued through the weekend.

Prosecco at poolside, the sun setting on Camelback Mountain, family and friends some of whom I hadn’t seen in 30 years; time melted away… wasn’t it just yesterday that these women were in college? The openness of the conversation, an unbroken thread of heartfelt intimacy sharing experiences that shaped all our lives. These beautiful, competent, mature women in the height of their power, working, having raised families, sharing their competence and values with the world.

I become aware how fast the time goes by only when I take a break from the ordinary busyness of living; when I take time to remember where I’ve been, who and what I’ve loved, what I want to be doing more, and what I don’t want to be doing anymore. Life goes by like a bolt of lightning; live it that way and enjoy the ride, and feel the love.

I’m 78 years old today and getting older; slowing down for sure but grateful to be actively participating in my life; telling my stories, writing, teaching, clowning. My creativity still bubbles, and I’m still dancing on the edge of what’s possible.

I want to say thank you relatives, friends, my clown family all over the world; thanks for the memories, for your continued loving presence in my life even if we don’t see or speak often, I carry your imprint on the cave walls of my heart where time does not fly by, but dwells forever.