Just got back from our annual family reunion at the Oregon Country Fair (OCF). This counterculture carnival has been going on since 1969; its mission is to “create events and experiences that nurture the spirit, explore living artfully and authentically on earth, and transform culture in magical, joyous and healthy ways”. We love coming to this gathering that celebrates the joy of the human spirit.

6,000 volunteers make up the Fair Family; they organize it, run it, and perform in it, everyone makes the event happen; they build, organize, staff it, then open it up to tens of thousands of visitors over a long July weekend. Fair goers can listen to great music, renowned speakers on subjects as diverse as farming, alternative energy and health care. On the 30+ acres there are craftspeople, theater, dance, puppetry, and parades all day long.

The public leaves at 7 PM, and then the Fair Family comes out to play. It becomes a magical improvisational playground. This is my chance to become the Truth Fairy, a ballerina in pink leotard, tutu, curly wig and a clown nose. My brother, a retired airline pilot dressed as a giant Blueberry, and my daughter dressed as the disco diva, Blaze Bountiful, lead me into the fairgrounds with signs and fanfare.

We set up 4 corner poles and connect them with Do Not Cross tape, creating a 6 sq.ft. enclosure with two chairs facing each other. Blaze Bountiful and the Blueberry announce…” the infamous Truth Fairy has arrived and has the answer to an important question, problem or predicament you may be facing…anything you want to know but have been afraid to ask. Three minutes with the Truth Fairy could change your life”…and so the rap goes on and on.

People line up, because a 6’6″ fairy ballerina is no threat; you can choose to pay attention or ignore the ridiculousness of this scene. For me, it’s a chance to let my spontaneity emerge. I open a channel into my unconscious mind and trust that my intuitive soul will connect me with somebody else’s, in a way that promotes healing.

Amazing things happen; this year a middle-aged, bright, well-spoken Chinese woman with a strong accent, sits down and says, “before I ask you anything, tell me who you are and why you are doing this”. I want to honor this traditional Oriental greeting style and tell her that I am truly a doctor of the mind, but my real gift lies in healing the spirit. I am like a Ji Tong I said, but she looked at me blankly; Ji Tong I repeated, rural Chinese folk healers who treat illnesses and problems by channeling the spirits of ancient Buddhist priests. She laughed, “Oh, you mean jitong (which she pronounced completely differently)…so you are a magician, which made me giggle out loud.

Two minutes had already passed, and there was a line of people waiting, so I said maybe this formal introduction has something to do with the question you wanted to ask me? To which she responded, that she hadn’t thought about it that way, but yes…” I am with and Occidental man who wants a more committed relationship, I want to go slower and get to know him better.

The Truth Fairy said, “Look at what just happened here, we knew nothing about each other a couple of minutes ago and yet we have already made a soulful connection. Maybe now is the right place, and the right time, to make more spontaneous connections”.

She paused and said “ but I am afraid that if I make this jump I will fall, I said, “you will land or you will learn to fly. Trust your heart, not just your head, this is an opportunity to write a new ending to your old story”.

Every act of insight is the result of a prepared mind and a serendipitous moment (or several minutes).