Our Clinic

The Truth Clinic is a way of encouraging people to talk about anything that’s on their minds with a health professional for 15 minutes. We don’t make diagnoses or prescribe drugs. “Providers” in the Truth Clinic are healthcare professionals who have taken our Clown Healing Workshop, where they have learned the principles of brief therapeutic encounters and ways to incorporating them into their clinical practice. In the Truth Clinic we come to people with an open heart, and a willingness to listen without judgment.

Our Clinic:

  • Creates a revolutionary format that eliminates the need for scheduling, paperwork and diagnosis instead creating an environment that prioritizes wellness.
  • Establishes brief yet meaningful exchanges where patients are met by a provider who is less burdened, recharged and has the capacity to connect personally.
  • Develops a public outreach model that brings healing work to broader communities; connecting directly with groups often marginalized with little or no access to care.

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