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There is a direct link between physician wellness and patient satisfaction. At any given time, one in three physicians is experiencing symptoms of burnout in the United States. This jeopardizes the success of our healthcare system by limiting the quality of patient care and reducing the number of available doctors. At The Healing Corps, we believe in training and education that provides healthcare professionals with skills to prevent feeling overextended and instead use their physical and emotional resources for healing. 

The Healing Corps’ accredited training teaches skills and techniques for more rapid, compassionate and patient-centered care. Our methodology approaches healing through the lens of the clown, inviting participants to take on new perspectives. This curriculum, devised by internationally recognized physician, author, and humanitarian clown, Dr. Carl Hammerschlag. If you are interested in learning more about the workshop we offer please click below

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Our day long workshop is followed by serving community in The Truth Clinic: a practical demonstration in how to use clown techniques, such as humor, compassion, eye contact, spontaneity and play to create intimate healing relationships. To learn more about The Truth Clinic click below.

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Here is a short video of our Executive Director, Hayley Shapiro, talking about our mission at The Healing Corps.