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The Healing Corps

The Healing Corps is a one of a kind experience offering a unique curriculum that expands professionals’ therapeutic repertoire and magnifies their clinical effectiveness. Through education and training our mission is to improve health outcomes, decrease medical error and ultimately reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

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Magnify Your Healing Power

There is a direct link between physician wellness and patient satisfaction. At any given time, one in three physicians is experiencing symptoms of burnout in the United States. This jeopardizes the success of our healthcare system by limiting the quality of patient care and reducing the number of available doctors. To promote health and wellness requires healing connections between patients and providers that inspire them. The Healing Corps offers workshops for healthcare professionals interested in learning and using the principles and practice of Clown Therapy to expand their therapeutic repertoire and magnify their healing power.

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Seek the Truth

We live in rapidly changing and chaotic times and the ways we communicate with each other often do not lend themselves to sharing intimacy and making empathic connections. We need to be talking to each other more about the ups and the downs of life, and encourage people to seek out credible resources in the community that can help them face those challenges better. The Healing Corps’ Truth Clinics are a place where your truth can set you free.

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