It’s been 10 months since my 21-year-old granddaughter, Kyah Rayne Cohen died from a fatal allergic reaction. There are no words, no explanations, that can describe such a loss, the most profound I have ever experienced.

Not a day goes by that I don’t lament the loss; nor does one go by that I don’t look at her picture above my desk and see her smiling at me. There are times she talks to me; in my dreams, in the sweat lodge, in the voices of others whose words remind me of her precocious wisdom……I hear her saying, It’s OK to slow up and catch your breath Papa; laugh, love, dance.

She died in her mother’s arms, a heartbreak no one should have to endure. My daughter Lisa has survived day to day, sometimes hour by hour, and has found the will to live through the establishment of the Kyah Rayne Foundation (KRF). The KRF mission is to provide emergency allergy treatment programs, promote food allergy legislation, create online educational training programs, support families living with food allergies and educating communities about such preventable tragedies.

Go to the ( ) and help us address this national food allergy epidemic. Your tax-deductible donations will ensure that communities have the tools they need so that other families will never have to live through such horror.  

Our goal is big, please help us sustain this vision (donate here