Let’s take a break from demoralizing daily news and explore a subject that invariably brings a smile to my face. A couple weeks ago I read about the newest manifestation in the sexual liberation of women that made my jaw drop. The new thing in dating is sending a full-frontal view of your vulva as a way introducing yourself to someone you haven’t yet met.

It’s called a V – Selfie, V stands for vulva which is the correct anatomic description of the vaginal area, but not a word that has made its way into the popular vernacular. Vulva is not a word that inspires my imagination (maybe because it sounds too much like vulgar), the preferred colloquialism conjures up a softer, warmer nest of purring possibilities.

I understand that dating rules have changed in the last 50 years (I’m old, but not a prude), and I think daydreaming about its treasure intensifies its impact and appreciation. Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac. It’s not what you see but what you don’t that makes the prize so much sweeter
Alas, in our culture we don’t wait for anything anymore, there is no such thing as delayed gratification… especially when it comes to sex. What can you learn about sex in minutes, the mechanics of copulation. Pre-teens are learning about sex from porn sites, and what they are learning is that sex is an aggressive, wham-bam, hump and bump grind replete with screaming fake orgasms, it teaches a sexuality that is devoid of intimacy.

  • So, I wondered what do you say on a first date to somebody whose crotch you’ve already seen?
  • It’s so nice to finally meet you, I couldn’t wait to see your face up close too.
  • You have the most amazing pair of labia I have ever seen; not fragmented and droopy so plump and fluffy.
  • How did you manage to shave so closely, there was no stubble at all? Did you Photoshop that V-selfie?
  • I loved your well-coiffed pubic goatee. It’s such a courageous act in this age of the perpetually prepubescent look.

I’m just saying you don’t have to see everything right away; anything that’s truly important is worth waiting for. Sharing body fluids like two jet planes getting refueled in midair is different than making love. Connecting lovingly comes from opening your heart, not your legs.