It’s been almost a year since I gave up my 50-year habit of drinking 5 cups of coffee a day. And as soon as I did my reflux got much better. Although I gave up coffee, I didn’t change my eating habits. I love sweets; carbs from pasta to pastry call me by name; I approach a buffet line like a contestant participating in a sporting event. In the last year I gained 15 pounds and this winter I discovered I couldn’t button my suit pants.

I told myself it was clearly time to do something about it, but I’d been saying that for 6 months. When my massage therapist /yogini/vegetarian/ daughter said to me while pinching my belly fat said “when are you finally going to do something about this?” I bet I could do it, and she encouraged me by gifting me with an appointment to see a nutritionist. Simin (her name means “silvery” in Persian) is a 5-foot dynamo who had my number from the beginning. This is not about winning a bet, she said, it’s about making a choice to eat healthier and live stronger. She delivered a PowerPoint presentation about how to eat less but to do it more often, drink lots of water, eat foods that were higher in protein and less in carbs. When she was done she said it was my choice to make, but it had to be a sustainable commitment. Could I get into a mindset to look at the food I put into my mouth and see it with new eyes?

It’s been a month and I’m looking at food in a different way, that’s not to say my mouth doesn’t water at the thought of a hot fudge sundae, but I have found that it’s possible to savor the sweetness of fresh raspberries with a sense of awesome delight.

The Silver Food Angel turned out to be the gift that got me to stop my shit shoveling; to stop talking about it and do something. If you’re a shoveler, or you know someone who is you’ll want to read my new mini e-book “Stop Your Shit Shoveling”. Go to… chuckle at the video, take the quiz and download these potentially life-saving 45 pages for less than the price of a cup of coffee