It’s that time of year that I think about getting older. I’m aware of the less than subtle changes in my body, tire more easily, my knuckles hurt if I fist-bump somebody, have trouble with a twist open a bottle, and sometimes I forget what I walked into the kitchen for. Still, I’m enormously grateful that I’m moving because that’s the secret of life.

Last months Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (March, 2016) says you have to keep on moving if you want to keep your mind functioning well. Since 1989 6,000 older men and women have had medical and cognitive testing (including MRIs) and have shown us that if you walk, cycle, swim, dance, even garden a few times a week, you have a 50% less risk of experiencing memory decline or developing Alzheimer’s.

The incidence of dementia doubles every 5 years from 65-90, and the oldest old are the fastest growing segment of the population. The public health burden of this disease is enormous and we must reduce the risk factors.

Dementia’s are going to expand exponentially as we age; from and estimated     today, we will triple let in 30 years. You have to keep moving as you age if you want to keep your memories and hold on to your basic self. That means being active in mind, body and spirit. Make relationships, keep your mind and body moving.

I learned this 40 years ago, when I met a tiny old lady in the primitive art wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. I wrote about Pearl in my first book “The Dancing Healers” who came up to me and began a conversation. She had an appointment, they were late, and she was ready to engage. I listened more from politeness than interest, impatiently shifting uncomfortably from flight delayed until I heard her say I think that’s the secret of life”. I knew I had missed something and I asked her what was the secret of life and she repeated that sneakers were the secret of life.

It was only then that I noticed in addition to her  blue suit, gloves, and small pillbox hat she was wearing sneakers. So I asked her how her sneakers the secret of life and she said they’re not need to be comfortable unless you’re moving.

If you want to keep on memories and basic self intact you have to keep moving Relatives, it’s the secret to life.