This year is coming to an end and I’m becoming consumed by these dark days and times. The recent attacks in Paris, San Bernardino, a xenophobic, narcissistic blowhard running for President and turning the Country into a polarizing, reality TV show. The gun control debate has not stemmed the proliferation of assault rifles, there is a refugee crisis, the Greek debt showdown, and the potential undoing of the European Union; it’s easy to feel sad, angry, and despairing.

Then, I watched the awesome spectacle of a night of shooting stars, and it helped me see things from a different perspective. Meteor showers are the result of streams of cosmic debris entering the Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrating into celestial fireworks. I wondered, how do we create light from the debris that descends upon us? How do we move beyond these global demonstrations of the worst of our humanity, and remind ourselves of what is best about us?

We are all fading stars, and sparks we want to leave behind are the the reminders of our capacity to love. I watched the shooting stars and saw the lights in my life. The antidote to despair, fear, and rage is to find what you love and love it more… your family, friends, values, purpose; they are the light that illuminates the darkness.

To all of you Relatives, I wish you peace and continued growth in the New Year; may you walk in beauty in the healing light of love.  I say this for All My Relations, Mi Takuye Oyasin.