In 2015 I co-founded a nonprofit organization called the Clown Town Healing Fest (CTHF), a community health initiative that created public events bringing a wide array of healthcare resources together to educate people in how to stay well before they got sick. This was a practical demonstration of the future of medicine which is the paradigm shift from an expensive, dysfunctional, interventional medical model to a preventive one.

We organized this weekend extravaganza that brought thousands of people from the community together to participate in hands on demonstrations that ranged from modern medical modalities to traditional healers and therapists of every description. There were panels, discussions, clowns, parades and it was enthusiastically received.

The day before the public event we conducted a daylong Clown Healing Workshop for healthcare professionals. We used clowning principles as the vehicle for establishing meaningful connections with people in short periods of time that would not only to magnify their healing power but restore their passion and enthusiasm for their work many of whom were feeling disconnected from their patients and burned out from the overwhelming strain of bureaucracy.

At the end of these workshops participants were “certified“ as “Truth Fairies, and at the Festival the following day we conducted a “Truth Clinic” where they could practice their newfound skills. It’s healing impact on both “patients” and clinicians was astounding. Many later joined us in conducting Truth Clinics in parks, fairs, homeless shelters and the results equally impactful.

Alas, the organizational demands of running such an event were taking us away from what we were doing best. So, we are now moving in a direction that allows us to expand our training programs to reach a wider range of community health workers and caregivers. We have gathered a dynamic, multigenerational Board of Directors that is opening us to a wider audience. Reflecting this change in focus we have changed our name to The Healing Corps (our tag line… Sustaining the Heart of Health).

Look us up at ( ) and see what we’re doing and join us in the continuing evolution of our vision of humanizing healthcare and promoting healing. And talking about Sustaining the Heart of Health, I want to tell you that for me personally these changes have intensified my passionate involvement in the here and now and allowing me to breathe more easily.