It’s finally over! Two years after he was found responsible for the deaths of three young adults in a Sedona sweat lodge ceremony James Arthur Ray was sentenced to a two-year prison term and ordered rate to pay $57,000 in restitution to the families of the three victims.

The victims’ families did not feel as if justice had been served. American Indians at the sentencing expressed outrage at this misuse of their sacred ceremonies.

Ray was hoping he wouldn’t have to serve any prison time, his lawyers said he had no prior criminal record, was a man of good character, and did community service. James Ray addressed the jury and the relatives of his victims asking forgiveness and promising never to conduct a sweat lodge or any other physically dangerous activity again. He said not a single day passed that he didn’t re-live the moments of that night, asking himself what he could have done differently…” I just didn’t know. I didn’t know that anyone was dying or in distress. I wish to God I would have. I would’ve stopped immediately”.

He still doesn’t get it; he wants to be forgiven for his ignorance that was responsible for the deaths of these 3 young people. Ray didn’t say… I knew I had no training or expertise to be taking these people lives in my hands, I am a great pretender.

Ray just settled civil lawsuits with the families of his victims for $3 million; which his insurers paid. I thought they should have garnered his earnings for as long as lived. James Arthur Ray will get out of jail in two years, and like all pretenders he will be hard to keep off the market, Ray will come out of jail with a book and a movie deal about everything he’s learned, and find a way to make more money than he ever has….The Great Pretender