My grandchildren have been educating me about my archaic view of human sexuality. They have expanded my old binary view, that boys are boys, girls are girls, and gender also determines sexuality. I have learned to add to my menu of sexual identities and understand there are many ways people express themselves sexually without viewing them as pathologic.

It doesn’t matter to me if you’re heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or transexual because they all involve human interaction. But it stretched my newfound tolerance when I read about a 35-year-old school administrator in Japan who strolled down the aisle in a white tuxedo to marry a robot.

This new sexual minority are called “digisexuals”; these are people who find it more gratifying to have sex with robots than physical contact with real people. These robots are not just vibrators or external devices that can stimulate the penis and the vulva; these are full-bodied human simulations with textured skin, can be programmed for rudimentary conversations and whisper in your ear those words that stimulate you the most.

You can change their heads and replace them with another that has shorter hair or darker skin. The digisexual’s lover is always available, never has a headache. With virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence these are robots you can fall in love with. This dystopian worldview is already happening in popular movies like “Ex Machina” which feature a fulfilling emotional and sexual relationships with a machine.

This is just the beginning of cybersex. Future generations, raised in the digital age, will never know the distinction between their online lives and off-line. We are creating a future in which people fall in love only with their imagination. Give me a break! a sexuality that objectifies and detaches people from any sense of a relationship will sow the seeds of our dissolution as a species. 

As expanded as my view on sexual identity may be, I’m still a dinosaur when it comes to real skin and loving another human who moans with pleasure because she is all there, rather than programmed to be. Loving another human being just seems like a good way to keep going.

The groom invited his mother to the wedding ceremony insisting the wedding was a triumph of true love after years of feeling ostracized by real-life women. His mother was not among the 40 celebrants, she said “it’s not something to celebrate”. 

Have a great week, I say this for all my relations. Mi Takuye Oyasin