This week I am coming to you for help; it’s been a decade since my last book was published. I thought I’d said everything I had to say, and that anymore would be redundant. Then I got old and discovered that to age successfully means finding the courage to look at your current reality and let go of old familiar images that keep you from loving who, what, and where you are.

To come to every day with joy requires a willingness to look again at old certainties. So my new book, Kindling Spirit, is the continuing tale of discovery about healing others and oneself and about looking at those certainties through the wisdom of age.

The story is told through my experiences with indigenous people, explorations in altered states of consciousness, and the healing power of ritual, ceremony and community.

I am considering publishing Kindling Spirit in a nontraditional way. My idea is to send paying subscribers one chapter a month for a year. Subscribers could make comments, ask me questions, or add their own stories which could be shared with others. In my imagination, I see us gathered around the fireside in a healing circle, each of us with a story to tell, needing to hear the stories of others. It is in sharing our stories that we make sense of our lives, as they are today, at this place on our journeys.

To help me decide if I will publish the book in this way or through a traditional publishing model, I am asking for your candid participation in this brief, anonymous survey. Your honest answers (my wife begs you not to simply tell me what you think I want to hear) will help me craft a book that kindles the healing spirit in all of us.

To all my relatives, thank you for your responses to the following five short survey questions which you will find on a tab “Kindling Spirit Survey” in the upper right hand corner of my homepage (