I have been immortalized with a public art installation in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania. This is a small town on the banks of the Susquehanna River in northeastern Pennsylvania and was settled in the American revolutionary war. It’s also the hometown of my humanitarian geezer clown brother, David Koral.

Twenty years ago, he bought a 1904 factory at Public Auction and converted the 138,000 square-foot space into a commercial and residential property. It’s a unique place to eat, shop, stay, and wander around creative art installations both inside and out (900 rutter.com).

The unveiling took place last week. It’s a 5’ x 20′ steel plate weighing 1000 pounds, with my clown face painted on it. The sculpture overlooks a parking lot, I mean this is not the Crazy Horse Memorial or Mount Rushmore where throngs will stand in wide-mouthed awe, but it is my smile, it captures my joyful clown spirit.

Smiling activates neural pathways that make you feel good. Smiles convey a welcoming message, it’s an invitation to come closer. If only one onlooker catches the vibe and smiles back, it’s already reaching out. Smiles are the kind of contagion we want to be spreading around the world. My smile says, I come to you with kindness and an open heart. I won’t hurt you or lie to you, I trust you will come to me the same way because that’s the foundation of healthy relationships. I believe that our survival as a species and planet are dependent on being able to come to each other in this way, and surely the time is now.

So, here I am, 20’ tall sculptural portrait of my smiling clown face, standing in a small town behind an old factory overlooking a parking lot, and I couldn’t be prouder. Come see me if you are ever passing through Forty Fort, PA. and ask if David’s around because he can tell you stories that will make you smile.

Spread your smile Relatives…I say this for All My Relations, Mi Takuye Oyacin.