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"The content of your session was exactly what we wanted, and the attendees
agreed, giving you a phenomenal rating of 4.89, 5 being perfect. Speakers like
you make our job easy!
— Diane Spiegel, CA Credit Union League

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Experience a passionate, wise and caring healer who helps people transform their lives by showing them how to rise above their limitations, remove their roadblocks, rekindle their dreams and become the principal agents in their own professional and personal lives.

Carl A. Hammerschlag is a master storyteller and internationally recognized author, physician, speaker and healer. A Yale trained psychiatrist; he has spent more than twenty years working with Native Americans. Read his complete biography.

Some Recent Speech Titles

#1 Life Between the Pings
Wireless technology is reprogramming human behavior on a massive scale. In the past, we used to interact with our personal computers a couple hours a day; with laptops it was several times a day for 20 minutes; with the new handheld devices we are connected day and night for 2 minute sessions. This chronic stimulation is encouraging our neuroplastic brains to create new pathways that emphasize receiving short bursts of information.

We are becoming addicted to the ping announcing the arrival of new information that triggers the release of neurotransmitters that stimulate the reward centers of the brain. Our constant availability is fragmenting how people interact, because we are always ready to be someplace other than where we are, which makes wherever we are never enough.

Those who tell the stories define the culture, and some of the stories we are telling are hurting us. In the language of science and stories, with passion and humor, this internationally recognized psychiatrist and speaker reminds us that to thrive in these rapidly changing times means paying attention to life between the pings.

#2 The Future of Healthcare: Healing in Community
Today’s healthcare delivery is based on an interventional model (we diagnose illnesses and prescribed treatment). The future of healthcare will be based on the model that emphasizes prediction and prevention, and it's delivered beyond offices and hospital walls… in communities.

Dr. H is an internationally recognized community psychiatrist and humanitarian clown who has demonstrated community-based healthcare all over the world. Weaving the language of science with the magic of his stories he presents a paradigm shifting model of preventative health care that saves billions of dollars, provides better care, and builds healthy communities.

#3 Authenticity and Leadership: Sustaining Your Passion and Purpose
Saying what you mean, and doing what you promise, is no longer the custom in our culture. Nowadays, it’s more common to say whatever people want to hear, or whatever you can get away with. Right and wrong is now determined by courts of law rather than a shared consensus about what’s ethical and moral.

To succeed personally and professionally you must be authentic-- a person or organization whose words, actions and principles are all telling the same story. In his compelling style, Dr. H. shares his experience and wisdom, in ways that will kindle your passion and purpose.

#4 The Dancing Healers
This is a personal story about the journey from doctor to healer. After completing medical school and internship in the mid-sixties, Dr. H. came to Indian country to serve his military obligation as an alternative to going to Vietnam. There he met an Indian medicine man who taught him how to dance. Like most Western trained physicians, he was an expert in the disease model – one that emphasized the identification and treatment of pathology. Over the next 40 years, he learned from traditional healers how to expand that disease model to a healing paradigm. This is a story about staying healthy, and the importance of harmony between thoughts, actions and feelings - the foundation of the new science of Psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body-spirit medicine).

Dr. H. is a master at tailoring his presentations to the specific needs of the audience, and offers pointed insights and guidance to help you.

1-3 Day Workshop Intensives

#1 The Science and Spirit of Healing
This unique experiential workshop uses didactic material as well as rituals and ceremonies to create a visionary paradigm for healthcare delivery.

#2 The Last Mask of the Authentic Leader
This is an exploration of how one leads in this new age of public scrutiny and accountability. Leadership is about pursuing authenticity; creating environments that encourage risk-taking; learning to appreciate and harness the power of the unconscious, intuitive mind; and transmitting a clear sense of mission and values.

Recent Speaking Engagements

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Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D., CPAE is a psychiatrist, author, and professional keynote speaker. He is an authority in the science of psychoneuroimmunology mind, body, spirit medicine and speaks about health and wellness, healing, leadership and authenticity . He has delivered motivational keynote speeches to corporate and business clients around the world.