These are chaotic times. We live in a world that communicates in a new way, but one in which it’s increasingly difficult to understand what is being said; a time of political upheaval where the institutions that once sustained us have been found to be undependable, untrustworthy, if not frankly criminal. Add to that, a global pandemic and economic distress, and you have a perfect storm for feeling insecure, anxious, and angry.

I spoke about these issues recently to the Society for Information Management (SIM) in a virtual meeting and shared how to manage information in an age of misinformation and mistrust. It’s the first time I’ve spoken publicly in almost a year, and took the risk of talking about my own feelings to this audience because they know me well.

You also know me well, and If you have the time, you can see and hear me talk about what I’m doing to stay engaged and live joyfully in these difficult times. I speak for about 25 minutes; my presentation is followed by a 25’ minutes of a revealing Q & A.

You might enjoy it, it made feel better.

Stay well, be blessed. Dr. H.