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Shit Shoveling
(print edition)

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Best-selling author and internationally recognized psychiatrist Carl Hammerschlag, M.D. helps you stop your old patterns and create a new life… You'll look at your dysfunctional behavior and recognize the pain it brings you. Then, find the will, get support, and move beyond your suffering.


  • Chapter 1 Why Do We Do It?
  • Chapter 2 How Do We Stop Doing It
  • Chapter 3 Sh*t Shoveling in Relationships
  • Chapter 4 Sh*t Shoveling at Work
  • Chapter 5 Sh*t Shoveling With Body Image
  • Chapter 6 Sh*t Shoveling With Parents
  • Chapter 7 Sh*t Shoveling With Children
  • Chapter 8 Stop Your Sh*t Shoveling

Lots of us repeat behaviors that we know are not good for us. We talk endlessly about changing our dysfunctional crap, but never quite seem to do it. We are just shoveling our shit from one pile to another. If you're stuck in a rut, or relationship/at work or home/or inside yourself and want to get on with your life...read Stop Your Sh*t Shoveling by internationally recognized psychiatrist and healer, Dr. Carl Hammerschlag who will help you let go of behaviors that no longer serve you well.


  • “This book is good Sh*t. Why read it? Because it’s written for you.”
    — Michael Tapley, MD, Hospice Director, UK

  • If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see or feel, read this book and stop your sh*t shoveling.
    —Patch Adams MD, Founder, Gesundheit! Institute

  • “When you find yourself in a world of sh*t, this book will work better than a shovel.  Funny, profound and useful.”  
    —Larry Winget, #1 Bestselliing Author, Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life

  • “Carl Hammerschlag is one of the people I pay attention to and his new book is  profound, wise, hysterical, captivating and a must read!”
    —Daniel Burrus , New York Times best selling author, Flash Foresight

  • “This is vintage wisdom from one of the great therapist-healer elders of our time.  Not only is this one of the few self-help books that isn't full of sh*t!, it can actually help you get your life back on track.  Put it in your survival kit!”
    —Bradford Keeney, Ph.D., Professor and Endowed Chair of Family Therapy,
    University of Louisiana

  • “Provocative. Hopeful. Practical. Authentic. This short missal gets better each time you read it.”
    —Dick Dooley, President TDG. Inc

  • “This may not ease global warming, but it will surely lighten the world's load.”
    —Mag. Roland Schaffler, Publisher/Schaffler-Verlag, Graz, Austria

  • “There is no reason to put up with sh*t if you have a way to escape it; this book is your way. I love this book, not only for the message but because I could read it in one sitting...then I had to get out of the toilet because somebody else in the gas station needed to use it.”
    — Dale Irvin, author, actor, professional summarizer
Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D., CPAE is a psychiatrist, author, and professional keynote speaker. He is an authority in the science of psychoneuroimmunology mind, body, spirit medicine and speaks about health and wellness, healing, leadership and authenticity . He has delivered motivational keynote speeches to corporate and business clients around the world.