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Satisfied Clients

After over 5,000 listening hours of audio, video on the subject of philosophy and achievement ranging from Socrates, Nightingale to Victor Frankl,  Dr Hammerschlags' presentation yesterday at the National Speakers Association ranked within the top ten speeches I have seen or heard on this earth.
 — Steve Thomas, Pres Landnet Systems, Inc. Scottsdale, Az

“The content of your session was exactly what we wanted, and the attendees agreed, giving you a phenomenal rating of 4.89, 5 being perfect. Speakers like you make our job easy!.”
—Diane Spiegel, CA Credit Union League

“Thank you, Dr. Carl, for your message and the warmth you demonstrate in bringing it to us. You were asked a question about rating and ranking employees against each other. I don't know if the change in our performance management process last week comes as a result of your answer or was a mere coincidence, but it has changed and I am grateful for that.” — Freescale Semiconductors

“I have been coming to HDI for 5 years now. Dr Hammerschlag was by far the most moving speaker I have had the pleasure to listen to. Please bring him back as a keynote!” — Help Desk Institute

Tom Lawless, CFS, CFP, American Express Financial Advisors
"Your program at our leadership Conference received outstanding reviews. As you know our company is going through some major changes; your message was extremely timely and well received. You are easy to listen to and you educated us to another level. Your program gave people a big-picture perspective on how we go through changes and it is our own personal resilience and inner strength that helps us deal with change."

Kristian Chou, Conference Chair, International Spa Association
"We gave you the toughest time slot possible for a major conference speaker, after lunch in a dark tent in 100-degree head. Our sleepy, skeptical attendees, who believed they'd heard it all before, were positively transformed by your words and songs. I actually saw people being uplifted by your message."

Jan Lamoglia, Director of Professional Development
& American College of Healthcare Administrators

"Your presentation truly touched our members and left them revitalized to return to their sacred work of caring for our nation's elderly. In my nine years with ACHCA, I do not recall our association ever giving a keynote speaker a standing ovation!"

Mike Muckian, Director of CUNA Councils,
CUNA Marketing Council
(Credit Union National Association)
"This is a hightly discerning (read: critical) group not to prone to generousity of spirit. The fact that your session was greeted with overwhelming superlatives indicates that you had broken down their own perceptions and perhaps did help them to recognize or rekindle their own sixth senses. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. And 'wisdom' is a word I almost never use."

Jack Atkinson, Project Coordinator, Henry Ford Health System
"It would be an understatement (and, perhaps, an injustice) to merely say that your talk was a major success. Your topic, Success is a Leap of Faith, seemed to move the audience to such an extent that a calm silence permeated the room at its conclusion, as though the audience needed a minute or two of quiet self-reflection in order to fully absorb the ideas."

William B. Howes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Inland Container Corporation

"Your talk was right on target not only with what we requested from you but more importantly, what we needed from you. You certainly struck some nerves in the organization. You caused our people to think about weighty issues and rethink their preconceptions."

Rogers K. Coleman, M.D., President and CEO,
Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Texas

"The oft-overused phrase so comfortably fits it must be re-used: you have touched us, and we have grown. You are a rare, multi-talented person. We are grateful for your sharing your time and your thoughts with us."

Bud Sipko, D.D.S., Scientific Sessions Chairman,
American Academy of Dental Practice Admin.

"You hit the peak again. Your capacity to help people think about their lives and learn from the stories of your life is an incredible gift to us at the Academy."

Diane Spiegel, CMP, Manager of Conferences,
California Credit Union League

"Some of the comments we are seeing:
'Dr. Hammerschlag was excellent and deserved the standing ovation.' 'Dr. Hammerschlag was great. Entertaining and informational.'
'Dr. Hammerschlag was excellent. He was very positive, energetic, dulcet, comical and uplifting.' ---I couldn't agree with them more!"

M. Lauren Basham, Director of Education and Publications,
Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business

"The conference was a tremendous success and your presentation was a big contribution. You certainly gave the audience many things to think about, and many things to feel good about too."

Dennis Kirschbaum, ARM, Executive Director,
Public Risk Management Association

"Our thanks for your excellent address at our annual conference. The time you took to understand the issues our members face added an important quality to your message. You also succeeded in stretching people's thinking beyond previously held limits. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other organizations that might be considering you as a speaker."

Jane Stevenson, Exec. Direc. Arizona Community Action Assn
Everyone who attended gave you nothing but praise and accolades and thanked us for the opportunity to hear you speak. You are truly awe-inspiring and a thought provoking speaker with a way of mesmerizing an audience.

Ed Griffin Jr., Exec. Direc. MPI
You master the message of complexity in the simplest terms, yet with depth and great soul.

Dan Wilford, CEO, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
You are right on target and your message must be heard throughout the industry.

Patch Adams M.D., Gesundheit! Institute
Carl brings spiritual profundity and tender concern for humanity that will create a healthy society.

Frank Tooke, Trustee, Sisters of Charity
To say that I am conservative is to say the Titanic had a slight leak, so when I looked at the conference agenda and scanned your profile, I was convinced that during your scheduled time I would be on the golf course. Only out of courtesy to the Sisters did I trudge to your presentation. With that said, your presentation was the best, most relevant and on the point, that I have seen in twenty years.

William Schoenhard, COO, SSM Healthcare
You were the Super Star of our conference! I have attended leadership conferences over my 24 years with SSM and never heard such positive feedback concerning a presentation.

Susan Burton, Pres. and CEO, ACHCA
...eloquent, wonderful, inspiring; you surely know how to captivate an audience.

Mary Ann Birt, Mgr. Educational Programming, Hospital Assn. of Pennsylvania
I was overwhelmd! I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with you_thank you for touching my life.

Kathy Vaden, VP, Parkview Hospital
You truly have a spiritual gift to reach people and remind them of how unique and wonderful they are. You gave us a renewed sense of pride and purpose in our work.

Dean, College of Health Professions, Central Michigan University
Your message and presence has produced an outpouring of sentiments and accolades. I am very pleased that our community had the opportunity to bear witness, even for a brief moment in time, to the importance of the spiritual dimension to our being and the importance of listening to our feelings during our life's journey. Seldom has such a message been so eloquently conveyed.

Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D., CPAE is a psychiatrist, author, and professional keynote speaker. He is an authority in the science of psychoneuroimmunology mind, body, spirit medicine and speaks about health and wellness, healing, leadership and authenticity . He has delivered motivational keynote speeches to corporate and business clients around the world.