I rewired my brain last week, and finally faced my fear and certainty that I couldn’t tell my stories effectively on the computer. I thought the computer was designed for people who wanted to access information, and get quick solutions to their questions. In the Computer Age, if you can’t share what you know in a sound bite or brief video people will move on to a more exciting app.

I’m a storyteller and need to set the stage for listeners; my preference would be at night around a campfire. I was sure the computer didn’t promote an intimate connection with the audience. I couldn’t see or hear them and I needed that energetic connection to be able to come from a truthful place within.

It’s also clear to me that there is a whole generation who only gets information around this new fireplace, and unless I can adapt to this medium, what’s been passed down will die with me. Why do I lament this? Because I believe that listening to the myths/heroic journey’s/mystical insights/miraculous happenings are how a culture transmits its values, and those stories help us make sense of our lives.

Last week I faced my old certainties, and did a webinar for the Gesundheit! Institute (where I hold my most prized academic credential as Chief of Community Mental Health). I spoke for 20 minutes about my new book Stop Your Sh*t Shoveling, and for the next 40’ responded to audience questions and comments. 37 people showed up at the appointed time, and 36 of them stayed to the end (in spite of the technical difficulties). The participants asked questions and made comments, they were open, funny, probing, and even though I couldn’t see or hear them, it felt like an intimate exchange to me.

I want to do it again, because I know it’ll reinforce my new brain wiring, get easier and I’m hoping to like it even better. I’m considering in addition to my twice a month Schlagbyte, on the weeks there are none I’ll do a Schlagbyte Webinar, using the previous weeks subject as the launching point for discussion. Let’s plan on at least 30’ together and see how the first one goes.

Join me and get bitten!
Schlagbyte Webinar
Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 5 PM
in Arizona and the West Coast
(8 PM on the East Coast).

We’ll talk about how to rewire our brains, creating new paths that allow us to see the familiar in new ways.
Register here

P.S. If you didn’t catch my coming out on the Gesundheit! Premiere, here’s the link (which includes a riff on pubic hair).