Keynotes & Workshops

Experience a passionate, wise and caring healer who helps people transform their lives by showing them how to rise above their limitations, remove their roadblocks, rekindle their dreams and become the principal agents in their own professional and personal lives.

Dr. Hammerschlag, an internationally recognized inspirational speaker, author, physician and healer, utilizes his own extraordinary life experiences which have given him a unique perspective about how people can restore balance in their lives. Using the language of science, the power of legends and his vast clinical experience, Dr. Hammerschlag tells a fascinating story that helps people become the principal agents in their own lives.  His work with Native Americans has been chronicled in three critically acclaimed books: The Dancing HealersThe Theft of the Spirit and Healing Ceremonies.

#1 The Visionary Leader
In discussing his own successes, the legendary J. Paul Getty said, “in times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy”. Effective leadership in today’s global market has nothing to do with how you once did it, or having access to more information; it has to do with how you process that information, and create an atmosphere that generates new ideas.

#2 Choice, Challenge and Change
The way it was is not the way it is! Rapid changes in economics, technology and culture require transformational thinking. From both personal and organizational perspectives, thriving in the future is based on getting rid of preconceptions that keep us from seeing things from new perspectives. We can learn how to unlearn judgments that inhibit vision.

#3 Shaping the Future of Medicine: Healthcare as Ministry not Industry
The trajectories of culture, economics and technology are colliding to threaten the care of patients. The tail of cost control is wagging the dog of healthcare delivery. The economics of health care is creating a crisis of faith between providers, insurers and patients that threaten to steal our healing spirit. The future of medicine is moving from an interventional model, to one that emphasizes prediction and prevention. Creating such a framework ensures a quality healthcare that sustains its healing ministry.

#4 The Dancing Healers
This is a personal story about the journey from doctor to healer. After completing medical school and internship in the mid-sixties, Dr. H. came to Indian country to serve his military obligation as an alternative to going to Vietnam. There he met an Indian medicine man who taught him how to dance. Like most Western trained physicians, he was an expert in the disease model – one that emphasized the identification and treatment of pathology. Over the next 40 years, he learned from traditional healers how to expand that disease model to a healing paradigm. This is a story about staying healthy, and the importance of harmony between thoughts, actions and feelings – the foundation of the new science of Psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body-spirit medicine).