Paul Glover is a community organizer and social entrepreneur who is building the Patch Adams Free Clinic (PAFC) in Philadelphia. The clinic is an architecturally innovative building, where for a small annual fee, members of this healing community will get everything from urgent care to counseling, and all kinds of preventative health programs, like yoga, massage, green gardening, clowning and other after-school clubs. The PAFC is an innovative leap into the future of healthcare, the movement from interventional medicine to community-based prevention.

Paul needs start-up funds, and it just so happens that Patch and I have nurtured a dream that could raise millions of dollars for a city with just such a vision of public and preventative healthcare. Philadelphia will be the place for the first Patch Adams Full Moon Festival (PAFMF).

Patch and I have been babbling about this for a decade, a 3-day celebration that would bring a city together to share its healthcare resources. Where people from diverse backgrounds and cultures share their experience, wisdom and healing stories. Where doctors, herbalists, shaman, energy workers, midwives, dentists, acupuncturists, and patients who have survived cancers, traumas, burns, mental disorders, chronic pain, and genetic diseases, would all share their stories about what helped move them beyond whatever their limitations.

Patch has a worldwide network of clowns who will come to Philadelphia; they will visit hospitals, shelters, paint murals on inner-city walls, and teach workshops for children on clowning, puppetry, acrobatics, percussion, and dance.  World-class entertainers would perform and its finale would feature Patch inviting people to participate in the worlds largest mooning (poster sales alone would support the programs for years).

The PAFMF will bring a city together to gather in community, to listen, laugh, and heal. This long weekend will create a passionate energy that celebrates life, lifts the human spirit, and renews the bonds that bind people together.

Join us in making this happen and let us know of your interest at