Big Pharma has been frantically trying to discover the female equivalent to Viagra; a pill that will boost the female sex drive. Boehringer Ingelheim just asked the Food and Drug Administration to approve its drug Flibanserin, for women who report a lack sexual desire.

But when the FDA tested its effectiveness they found it failed to have a significant impact on libido. In spite of the fact that the manufacturers cherry-picked the subjects, giving it only to younger women, who were not taking any other drugs, and in stable relationships, there was no significant increase in sexual desire between women who took the drug and those who took a placebo.

The drugs ineffectiveness however, will not deter the manufacturer from marketing at to consumers, because this  is a market worth billions of dollars. It will be sold as the treatment for a new psychiatric disease called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). This “disease is defined by a lack of sexual fantasies, little to no desire for sex, and stress over the low sexual functioning.

By this definition a 35-year-old single mom, raising two school-aged kids, and a full-time job, who comes home exhausted and not thinking about sex could be suffering from HSDD. She will watch a TV advertisement about the illness she may be suffering from, and to ask her doctor if Flibanserin could be for her. This expensive new pill is a variant of existing anti-depressants, working on dopamine and serotonin receptors in the brain).
There is no magic pill for sexual arousal in women because it’s more complicated than in men. With few exceptions, there are no mechanical issues for not having a successful sex life. Arousal is multi-determined (mood, privacy, body image, availability of partners) that it’s unrealistic to expect a pill to address a sexual problem.

Wake up to these drug-promoting scams for unacceptable behaviors and feelings that are defined as diseases. This young mother would be much better off using the money she’d pay for pills, to get somebody to help her with the kids an evening a week; then dress-up, go out, and have fun.

The Flib is a Flub.