Happy New Year to all of you, Relatives….this is the season of new beginnings, and I’m announcing one myself. It’s been clear to me for a while that if I want to tell my stories to another generation, I’m going to have to learn how to do it on a computer.

To get an audience today you have to grab their attention with a sound byte and a 2 minute video. I have resisted doing this because I can hardly clear my throat in 2’ much less leave a message, but my resolution for the New Year was to stop making excuses and give it a shot. Can I capture the essence of what I have to say into byte-sized vignettes (my family assures me 2 minutes is generous),

I believe those who tell the stories define the culture, and since we rarely gather around campfires anymore, I want to see if by gathering around this new fireplace, we can create a global healing community.

My New Year’s resolution was to launch my new E-book Stop Your Sh*t Shoveling. In 45 pages it’ll show you how we get stuck in old patterns of behaviors that leave us feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and sick.

We shovel sh*t in relationships, we do it at work, with our parents and our children. Everybody does it at some time; we get stuck in old thinking/ behaviors that trap us into repeating dysfunctional crap. Fortunately, most of us most learn after enough suffering to move beyond the pain. But there are some people who moan endlessly about their misery; they think talking about it is the same as doing something to change it. All they’re doing is moving their crap from one pile to another, this is Sh*t Shoveling..

Neuroscientist’s explain how repetitive patterns of behaviors become more and more deeply embedded in the brain. Those old established neural pathways become such deep ruts that they’re hard to get out of. The good news is the brain has the capacity to reprogram itself… it’s called neuroplasticity. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been shoveling, you have the capacity to change, it requires only that you learn how to give your brain new instructions.

Find out if you are a Sh*t Shoveler… Take the quiz, I’ll send you a free download of Horsefeathers (my stories about deceptions and preconception). If you like this, let me know, and tell your friends.

Happy New Year Relatives and Thanks for sharing the healing journey with me.
I say this for All My Relations., Mi Takuye Oyacin