I’ve been working since I was 11 years old (bagging groceries, delivering cleaning, busboy, waiter), but my first professional job, after finishing medical school and internship in 1965, was as a family doctor with the Indian Health Service. I thought it was going to be a two-year stint as my military obligation but turned into a 20-year job. For most of that time I was Chief of Psychiatry at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center, that experience was a transformational journey that moved me from doctor to healer.

I left the Indian Health Service in 1986 and spent the next 30 years in my second job, doing less psychotherapy and more writing and public speaking. Now, I’m moving into my third job; this transition has been more difficult and it’s waking me up early in the morning. I am organizing the Clown Town Healing Fest (CTHF), which will premiere Dec. 4-6, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. This is a joyous, celebratory weekend that promotes health and healing in community.

The CTHF will mobilize a cities healthcare resources and provide practical healthcare information to inspire people to become the principal agents in their own healing. This is the perfect time to launch it because we are in the midst of a cultural shift in healthcare delivery; moving from an interventional model that treats diseases, to a preventative model aimed at keeping us healthier.

So why am I waking up earlier and can’t fall back to sleep?…because it’s stretching me far beyond my comfort zone. I get up and think about all that needs to get done (finances, contracts, venue, logistics), all those administrative details that I have assiduously avoided for most of my life. I’m better at ideas and inspiration than slogging through the organizational muck required to translate them into action.

I have been talking endlessly about the critical importance of welcoming change and embracing vulnerability in ones life. Doing it however is harder, than talking about it, and it’s waking me up earlier, but the excitement is also turning me on…(and that’s even more critical as I age).

Join me in my excitement as we usher in this paradigm shifting, practical demonstration of preventive health and healing in community @  (www.clowntownhealingfest.com).