Just back from vacationing with my family in Oregon. I needed to get away from a year’s Covid isolation and squeeze some real flesh. I had a fleeting concern that with my wife and my physical limitations whether I could handle some unforeseen circumstances or emergency that might get my heart rate up, but wanted to do it and confident I could handle it. 

I did manage, but only because my family planned it carefully, and it became imminently clear that I could never have made the trip without their support. We were catered to and loved-up every day in every way. Left my computer at home and for 2½ weeks I did not work, was chauffeured around the State to go fishing on the Rogue River, lounge on the crystalline sandy beaches of Pacific City, saw my kids, grandkids, Nieces, Nephews, beloved friends, read novels, and slept late in the mornings. 

It was a fantabulous, indulgent, loving extravaganza, and then it was time to come home and take care of some unfinished business. It is reasonable to ask what unfinished business really needs to be completed at 82 years of age. At an intellectual level I know how ridiculous this sounds, but at a core level I am still driven to be actively engaged in my life doing something that reminds me of my aliveness and sparks a joy that makes me look forward to tomorrow. 

This is my unfinished business; I want to complete this last book I’ve been working on, and to launch The Healing Corps (THC). THC is another manifestation of a life-long vision of healthcare that emphasizes prevention rather intervention and is delivered by a community of providers. THC a visionary group of healthcare professionals, teachers, businesspeople, musicians, artists, and Humanitarian Clowns whose mission it is to help people communicate and connect authentically, spontaneously, playfully, and build trusting relationships which are the heart of health.

See what we’re doing (thehealingcorps.com) and if this speaks to you come join us at the upcoming workshop on Sept 9; it’s the perfect antidote to these demoralizing times of mistrust, disinformation, and division. 

I’m finishing some business, but I am also laying back and will read novels in my hammock as the weather cools. I’ll ask for help when I need it and continue to say thank you every day for my blessings. I encourage you to do the same.