Beloved Bro’…

I have just this day returned from a week in Portland, visiting with many dear hearts including my new colo-rectal specialist, for a 6-week follow-up exam. I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to report that our Sacred Whammy seems to be working!!!

As you know, this life comes without written instructions or reliable guarantees, as do these mid-stream medical findings… and yet they hold great promise. “Things look beautiful in here!” Obviously, Dr. Lee has a rather skewed view of “beauty,” but I am celebrating this long-awaited compliment with every fiber of my being.

Apparently, my tumor site has “softened” considerably these past few weeks, which I’m told is a “very good sign.” Dr. Lee says our next step is a thorough “anal mapping” (multiple site surgical biopsies) scheduled for June or July. This procedure will hopefully verify that all cells are now “quiescent” and healthy so that permanent colostomy surgery will NOT be necessary.

Please tell all those wonderful folks who’ve added me to their Blessing Basket (thanks to your recent Schlagbytes offering) how deeply I appreciate their help. I am eternally grateful to be reminded that none of us need make this arduous life journey alone.

Prayers work! And occasionally, so do bribes. Last Tuesday I struck a deal with Dr. Lee – “You save my ass, and I will teach you and your 16-year-old son how to fly fish. “ A purist might call it chumming, but it never hurts to seed one’s success.

Well, dear brother, there’s your latest installment of T’s Tushy Review. All kidding aside, I can’t tell you how honored I feel by your powerful efforts on my behalf. Perhaps you, me, and even the inscrutable ass man will chase some trout together one day?

Yep. More chumming.

Endless Love & Blessings,

Sista T