Just back from a two-week vacation in Oregon where I played every day. It began at the Oregon Country Fair (OCF) outside Eugene, surrounded by thousands of people dedicated to creating a peaceful, sustainable, and spiritually uplifted world. It’s a place that fills me with hope and joy.

At OCF my clown persona, “The Truth Fairy”, always makes an appearance. I talk to people looking who are looking for answers to an important question/problem/issue they are dealing with, and limited to 3 minutes. “The Truth Fairy” lets my unconscious, free-flowing, intuitive mind run rampant; it’s always an astounding experience.

I also spoke at Fair with Dr. Patch Adams at a celebration of Creative Maladjustment Week where we expanded the concept of how to pursue mental health and social justice.

From the Fair we visited my daughter and family in Bend, a picturesque town east of the Cascades in the midst of pristine forests, streams and mountains where I went fly fishing, boated, hiked, swam, barbecued and reveled in the surroundings.

That playtime came to an end however, even before leaving. The day before my departure my monkey mind began to start humming. I began to think of all the work I’d postponed, the hundreds of e-mails that awaited me. In that state of mind I’m always reminded how hard it is for me to stay in places of such unbridled joy. My personal history has made feeling too good for too long seem self-indulgent.

Even in my aging, it’s still hard for me to tame my monkey mind. I still get into doing more, afraid that otherwise I will slide in unproductivity. I want to stop doing that; so I’m going to tame my Monkey Mind and do less and play more. So, next week I’m off to Iquitos, Peru with my friend and holy brother, Patch Adams, on Gesundheit’s annual Belen Project. I may not write, but if I do it will be with joy and not monkey mind obsessions.

I may be writing brief updates from Peru on my Facebook page The Healing Doc, if you LIKE it let me know and tell your friends.

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Stay in balance Relatives, visit Camp Play More often, and be in joy wherever you are…
I say this for All My Relations, Mi Takuye Oyacin.

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