It’s happening, our dream is coming true. The Clown Town Healing Fest will happen in downtown Phoenix at the Civic Space Park December 4 – 6, 2015. This is a practical demonstration of how to promote health and healing in community, and help shift our culture from a healthcare delivery model of intervention to one that focuses on prevention.

The Turtle Island Project and the Gesundheit! Institute (both 501c3 non-profits) has been spreading the message of community and preventive health for decades. This is the first time we will come together to bring this paradigm-shifting event to an American city. Clowns will mobilize the healing resources in Phoenix, Arizona, that will include dentists, nurses, and doctors, along with movement/music/dance/narrative/exercise/massage/and pet therapists. Included will be transcultural healers, environmentalists, nutritionists, meditators, and support groups of every description. All these healthcare resources will be telling their stories, demonstrating, educating, and inspiring people to becoming active participants in staying healthy.

Patch Adams MD and I are long-time friends; we have worked and clowned together all over the world. Help these two, aging, Hippie doctors actualize their vision. Go to see what we’re doing and make a donation, volunteer, become an exhibitor, if you’re a healthcare professional attend the Clown Healing Workshop.

We are making it happen, and I say thank you.

For All My Relations, Mi Takuye Oyacin.