Tomorrow is election day, finally…finally an end to the daily vitriol. Whatever the outcome, the bad news is that it’s going to leave us a divided nation; lots of bad feelings are left over from this ugly, divisive campaign; and I fear that we will continue to separate ourselves from each other, unable to define some common good for this Nation.

But in the midst of last week’s gloom, something happened that reminded me that hope for this Country is not lost. We still have the capacity to come together and heal in community. The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years. It may be the most thrilling final Series game I’ve ever seen. From the moment the game ended people poured into the streets, Chicagoan’s of every color, creed, and socioeconomic group, gathered around Wrigley Field. Whole families came to to revel in the excitement, and inscribe the names of their die-hard Cub’s fan parents and grandparents on the Stadium walls. Their relatives may not have lived to see this day, but they were surely there in spirit to feel the bliss.

It is in joyful community celebrations that we heal the wounds of our separations and become sane again. We are going to do just that in Phoenix , Arizona on February 24 – 26, 2017, when we launch the second ClownTown Healing Fest.

Last year’s inaugural success demonstrated the cultural shift toward preventive health. We mobilized a broad spectrum of healthcare resources to teach, demonstrate, and participate with people to inspire them to get well before they get sick.

This year we are expanding our inner-city partnerships to bring this message to an even larger audience. There will be exhibits, demonstrations, activities, speakers, panels, music, and clowns. Take a look at what’s happening this year at ( Help us share this healing vision, tell your friends. If you’re a healthcare professional interested in learning how to intensely connect with people in a short period of time come to the Clown Healing Workshop; look at the creative program that includes Dr. Patch Adams, the world’s most recognized humanitarian clown, along with an internationally acclaimed faculty, and learn the magic of becoming a Truth Fairy.

The election will be over tomorrow, let’s find a way to come together to define some common good, and make America great again.