After being preoccupied for months with the second ClownTown Healing Fest, I promised Elaine, my tolerant wife, a vacation to her destination of choice, which was someplace with warm water, sandy beaches, and not too far away. We settled on Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, a two-hour flight from Phoenix to Baja California Sur.

Unlike our usual style, which is to book a couple of nights on arrival, and then move around to the places we want to see; this time I booked a beachside condo for four nights to give ourselves more time to acclimate before we hit the road. The condo was lovely, a heated pool for my morning laps, steps away from the beach, and whatever we wanted to see was at most, a day-trip away, so we decided to stay put.

 It required some adjustments, as much as I like to preach about living and healing in community, I like to live in my own house, away from lots of people. There are hundreds of condos in this complex, inhabited by people from over the world, most here for a short time, but many of whom are retirees who live here all year long. There is a communal culture; people will reach out and engage you, but also respect your privacy; the lounge chairs are yours while you’re in them (don’t reserve them and not use them); be respectful and tolerant of differences.

 Elaine loved it, said she could live here, but I’m not so sure. We are selling our home, but my kids are in town and I’m not ready to move away. However, I did learn I could live in this kind of diverse community… and that swimming with poolside bar refreshments does promote an interactional warmth.