I may be the last man standing who has never owned a cell phone or hand-held computer device. For years I have railed against these Instruments because instead of the promise that they would free us to pursue more leisure/fun activities, they have actually enslaved us. We are never more than an arms length away from our smart phones; we don’t talk to each other at the dinner table anymore; instant accessibility has made it impossible to be where we are, because with every ring, beep, or vibration, we are invited to interrupt whatever we’re doing to be someplace other than where we are.

I am not a technophobe; I depend on my computer for business, but at the end of the day I shut it down and leave my office. I stuck to my guns and refused to be seduced by its conveniences; until several weeks ago…that’s when my world changed. Upon returning from Guatemala several weeks ago my computer died. For 2 weeks it was in a chronic state of repair and I was unable to work. I was frantic, incapacitated, felt so helpless I got angry I became anxious and depressed.

So last Sunday I bought the iPhone 6 S so I can stay in business if my computer fails in the future.  Now the question is, can I not become seduced by its magic. I feel like a Star Fleet officer talking to the cosmos, I have instantaneous access to my business; it’s a flashlight so I can now read menus in dark restaurants; dictate messages, take pictures, make videos, get directions, and a sweet woman’s voice answers any question and supplies references.

The last man standing is now sitting; as I write I’m talking to my granddaughter while actually looking at her… I’m hoping I can turn it off.