Just For Fun

When I want to restore myself, get in touch with what I need if I want to keep giving, I fill my cup by going away on clown trips with my friend Patch Adams, MD. Patch is probably the world’s most recognized humanitarian clown, and he travels with an international community of clowns (who are doctors, nurses, therapists, lawyers, business people, and students).

Patch reminds me that love can be an act of revolution. Clowning anywhere in the world without a common spoken language means finding a way to communicate with an open heart. If you reach out to others from that open-hearted, undefensive place, people resonate with your soul and also reach out to you. When I dance with clowns in community, it always restores my balance.

My clown persona is sometimes a ballerina in pink tights and tutu with a flamingo headdress, clicking castanets and dancing flamenco. The sight of this 6’6″ ballerina is just an invitation to laughter . . . at the very least a stifled giggle . . . but sometimes there is frank hysteria.

The clown/jester/fool character appears in every human culture. Clowns can say and do things that don’t often get expressed publicly. The archetypal clown helps us laugh at our human frailties, and in so doing, reduces tensions in the community.

Laughter heals because no matter what our condition, it provides a moment’s respite reminding us we are still human.


If you like laughing, watch the flamingo dance on the walls of a mental hospital in the Peruvian jungle, see Blog/Column – (Welcome The Clowns, 8/30/10; and related Schlagbytes Frowns, Clowns and Castanets, 9/15/08, and clowning with victims after Hurricane Katrina in, 3 Generation Clowning, 9/18/05)

Patch Adams – To learn more about Patch’s mission and the clowning and learning opportunities he offers, visit his website.

Clown Healing Video
Here is some priceless video of clown healing from my recent trip with Patch Adams to visit Syrian refugee camps. It was another awakening experience that opened my heart. (insert Schlagbyte link for Hassan’s Enduring Spirit.