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Integrative Physician

Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag worked as a family physician and psychiatrist in an Indian Hospital in the American Southwest for 20 years. Working with Native American healers challenged his medical assumptions about how people get sick and how they get well. He learned to integrate rituals and ceremonies into his own practice.

Dr. Hammerschlag is a pioneer in the practical applications of the medical science of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), or mind/body/spirit medicine. His journey from doctor to healer has been chronicled in the three critically acclaimed books. He is an articulate spokesperson for humanizing health care. He consults with health care-related organizations, teaches internationally, and writes.


Books - You can learn more about Dr. Hammerschlag’s journey and lessons in The Dancing Healers, The Theft of the Spirit, and Healing Ceremonies.

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Articles - For a detailed description of an astounding cross-cultural healing experience read The Huichol Offering in the Journal of Religion and Health (JORH, Volume 48,Issue 2 (2009)
Seeing in the Dying Light: A Ketamine Case Study (MAPS, Vol.16, No.2, Autumn 2005)

Please contact Dr. Hammerschlag to learn more about his work with integrative healthcare and the services he provides to organizations worldwide.

Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D., CPAE is a psychiatrist, author, and professional keynote speaker. He is an authority in the science of psychoneuroimmunology mind, body, spirit medicine and speaks about health and wellness, healing, leadership and authenticity . He has delivered motivational keynote speeches to corporate and business clients around the world.