I just celebrated my birthday, and it was of those storied happenings destined to become a family legend. We gathered at my daughter’s house for a scrumptious brunch which began with Mimosas, on to the garlic bagels with smoked whitefish, and finished with NY cheesecake.

My granddaughter came down from Oregon to be at the party and organized the post-prandial entertainment. She invited us to participate in a Drag Ball in which each of us were to be invited to dress up, lip-synch and dance, to any song of our choosing. It doesn’t take a lot of encouragement for our family to get into clown mode.

Hayley was the Emcee and performed as a French Madame and with an accent perfected by a year working there.  She is bright, articulate, passionate, a wicked sense of humor. She wore a revealing corset, and her trademark buck teeth.

We were instructed to give ourselves stage names, which all had to end with “Ho”. My wife, eldest daughter and I formed a trio and called ourselves the FlamingHo’s. We lip-synched and danced to “I’m Too Sexy” by the British rock group, Right Said Fred.

We were first up, and after Hayley’s hilarious skewering rap, I sashayed in, wearing a short black cocktail dress with ruffles, and climbed onto a barstool, with my wife and daughter dancing around me. Dollar bills were being thrown, the running commentary a riot, and every performance was passionate and colorful.

Here I am, surrounded by people who love me unconditionally, and will stand by me no matter what…and as if struck by lightning, in wide-mouthed awe, I know that right here, right now…  this is enough.

To all of you Relatives, I want to say to you as we are emerging from a plague that has brought the world to a standstill, and isolated us from family, friends, and community. A year in which we have seen unprecedented environmental, political, and social upheaval, that has intensified our divisions and left us feeling anxious and vulnerable

I say, dress- up, be silly, get vaccinated and party with the people who really know you and love you anyway; those people in whom you see the things you like the best about yourself. Being surrounded by love makes life beautiful and everything bearable.

I’m Too Sexy For My Love
Too Sexy For My Love
Love’s going to leave me.
From Milan, to New York and Japan,
I’m shaking my tushy on the catwalk
And I’m too sexy for this byte
Too sexy for this Byte
Oh yeh that’s…. Right Said Schlag