I try to avoid blogging about politics because it stimulates far too much divisiveness, but the thought that Donald Trump could become President of the United States is more than I can continue to bear silently

It doesn’t matter how ridiculous or incendiary “The Donald’s” words are, the social/print/video media spread them globally and instantaneously. He is a trailblazer in making politics a Reality TV show. The Donald knows what sells, and understands that you can say anything you want to (the more outrageous the better). Fact checkers tell us half the stuff he says is simply untrue, but it has no impact on his popularity. In our society what’s right and wrong is defined by what you can get away with.  The Donald has masterfully tapped into a rising tide of anger and resentment in this Country that is directed at an indecisive, unresponsive government, an economy in which the rich get richer and the disparity between the haves and have not’s is getting bigger and bigger.

What The Donald is selling is religious intolerance, fear of strangers, xenophobia, ultra-nationalism disguised as protectionism. American’s are arming themselves like never before, and now with assault weapons. The Donald’s political reality show is fueling the flames of mayhem.

It’s a slippery slope from protectionism to ultra-nationalism, racism and fascism; they all thrive on hardening the lines between groups, and they all promote antagonism under the guise of protecting boundaries. “Trumpism” is happening everywhere; the world is shifting to a more belligerent, intolerant, ultra-nationalistic sentiments that suspects immigrants and minorities. The Austrians almost elected a neo-Nazi as their head of state… he lost by less than 0.3%. The French, Germans, Greeks, the entire Middle East is moving toward isolationism.

This narcissistic, loud-mouthed, bullying, lying, litigious, racist, misogynist will not make America great again. America will become great again when we become the change we want to see in the world; an open, welcoming society that practices liberty and justice for all, that is a beacon of hope inspiring its people to imagine what they dare to dream can be achieved.

We will make America great again, when we lead not by building walls that divide us, but bridges that connect us. Now is the time! We either come together as a people and planet or we will continue to annihilate ourselves and our planet.

Dump Trumpism!