I haven’t written for a while, just felt as if I was shrouded by a cloud of pestilence that left me depleted. The endless bludgeoning of political propaganda, climate change and it’s resulting weather disasters, the Coronavirus media frenzy escalating fear to a far more dangerous contagion than the bug. And of course, the ugly head of an escalating racism. At a Bernie Sanders rally in Phoenix last week, a demonstrator waved a Nazi flag with Bernie’s face on it. The demonstrator said he was expressing his First Amendment rights. Hatred is not what makes America great.

This stuff is depressing, and this kind of pessimism and hopelessness are not me. I believe that people are basically good, and at the soul level we are all members of one tribe. I am a dreamer; I believe in the possibility of possibilities, I believe we can change what is, to what ought to be.

I’m writing again, because last week my spark was rekindled when The Healing Corps (THC) (www.thehealingcorps.com) presented our work to a Community Foundation. We spoke to them about our work in shifting the current interventional healthcare paradigm to one based on prevention.

We shared our history, the programs we’ve done with the ClownTown Healing Fest, and how they’ve been received and effective. We shared our plans for the future and using the principles and workshops we have developed and target them to smaller groups working with specific vulnerable populations. We will continue to practically demonstrate how to make healing relationships in a short time and inspire people to becoming the principal agents in their own healing.

My breathing was regular, my heart beat strongly, and my spirit was lifted, and I left the meeting feeling hopeful. Hope is what kindles the light within, hope removes the lampshades of fear and helplessness. And there is no such thing as false hope…hope is hope, it is the opiate of humanity.