At the soul level, we are all a tribal people; we like to gather in community to celebrate life in all its manifestations. We create rituals and ceremonies to help tell the stories that sustain us through the good times and bad; they provide the structure that intensify those stories, and make them holy.

I am an ardent ceremonialist and have incorporated lots of rituals and ceremonies into my own spiritual life. Many of them come from my life’s work with Native Americans’, the sacred Sweat Lodge ceremony among them. Ever since the dedication of the traditional sweat lodge grounds at my home 40 years ago, I have prepared myself for the Passover holiday by participating in this Native cleansing/purification/healing ritual; it’s the best way I’ve found to prepare myself to get into the substance of this ancient tale.

The story of the Exodus from Egypt is the defining story of the Jewish people. Every year at this time we are reminded of our enslavement and the path to freedom. We are admonished that we should not just tell the story, but imagine as if we ourselves walked out of Egypt.  To be free of whatever enslaves us (physically or emotionally), we must personally face it… nobody else can do it for us.

In the small, canvas-covered willow lodge, with no more than 15 others, I feel the intensity of the steam billowing off those red-hot lava rocks, and it doesn’t take me long to know that I am walking this journey right now. In the lodge, I can see beyond the darkness and what discomforts me, to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Every culture has its springtime rituals that tell a story about liberation, growth, and rebirth. These holidays create the time and space for us to see beyond the ordinary. Whatever rituals you practice in this annual season of renewal, I hope they open your hearts and minds to free yourself from whatever forces threaten you, and the planet.

Happy Passover, Easter, Solstice…Viva la vida y la Madre Tierra.