For almost 40-years I have walked the transformative journey from doctor to healer with my friend, colleague, and co-author, Dr. Howard Silverman. He has also incorporated rituals, ceremonies, humanitarian clowning/improvisational principles in his clinical work. He is one of those people who project a genuine caring energy that invites you into his warm and open heart.

Howie volunteered to give Covid vaccinations and told me this story about what he did when people drove up to receive their shots. In the allotted 3 to 5 minutes, after introductions he asked them “what are you wishing for?”

Some people responded flippantly “to get out of here as fast as I can”, but others were swept away with emotion as they told him about family members and friends they’d lost, and their wishes for reconnecting in these times of anxiety and isolation. In those few minutes together, they made a healing connection and shared an intimacy that bonded them.

One of the things that’s keeping me passionately engaged in the aliveness of every moment is my involvement with The Healing Corps (THC). ( THC is the expansion of the original Clown Town Healing Fest and focuses on utilizing clown healing principles to teaching people how to suspend judgement, actively listen, and establish trusting relationships, in a short time.

There is a desperation for authenticity in this time of mistrust, division, and anxiety. THC will train a global network of “Truth Fairies” who will hoist their Healing Corps flag announcing on street corners, marketplaces, subway stations, disaster area, or giving injections at a Covid 19 immunization sites. They may wear a red nose, a funny hat, a tutu, or a painted face, but they will always come to you with an open heart, be authentic, and tell you their truth.

This work is important in these chaotic times, and I’m hoping you will support us in launching this effort.

Have a great week/Stay connected, we’ll make a difference. I say this For All My Relations, Mi Takuye Oyasin.