Thanksgiving time is a difficult for our family. Two years ago, over this holiday we lost our 21-year-old granddaughter/daughter/ niece/cousin to a fatal anaphylactic reaction to a peanut allergy. This unspeakable tragedy has been the greatest trauma ever to befall our family. Her death has left a hole that can’t be filled, and each of us struggles with the unfiltered pain that sometimes brings us down.

We gathered as family, even in these spiking COVID times, because in this season of heartbreak being together helps us bear the pain and reminds us that we will not let her death, define her life. Her life was music and dancing, reading, pondering big questions, laughing, and tonight, listening to the music of her soul we dance into the night; her energy ripples through us, we live her heritage of joy.

Her mother’s purpose in life has been channeled into The Kyah Rayne Foundation which she founded to prevent other families from having to experience such a preventable loss. The KRF mission is to promote awareness about the growing food allergy epidemic, and to prevent deaths from anaphylaxis.

Working collaboratively with others the KRF is changing legislation, educating families and communities in prevention, and making epinephrine affordable and accessible to everyone who needs it. Read about it , and spread the word.

In times of heartache give thanks for all that remains, and the life that is still waiting for you. May you be surrounded by love and filled with gratitude.