I’ve been spending most of my time this year making a dream come true. The Clown Town Healing Fest is going to take place in Phoenix Arizona, February 26-28, 2016. My friend Patch Adams MD and I, along with many clown friends will mobilize the city’s healthcare resources to inspire people to live healthier lives.

From doctors, to therapists and support groups of every description, all these resources will tell their stories to inspire people to get well before they get sick. This is the first practical demonstration of the important cultural shift in healthcare delivery from an interventional model to one that focuses on prevention.

Sharing this vision has been easy; raising the money to pull this off has been more challenging. I recruited two friends, my “Golden Geese” to reach out and solicit donations because I hate asking for money; to me it smacks of neediness, helplessness, and begging. The Golden Geese said they’d be happy to do it; they cared for me, and it was an important event that would bring our community together in healing. The fact that it was a 501(c)(3) profit and the donations were tax-deductible made it a no-brainer.

A beautifully packaged solicitation letter was sent and I waited for the money to roll in. Alas, it didn’t, the Geese were slow to follow up, and it became clear to me that if my dream was ever going to materialize I was going to have to ask directly; the thought of it made my mouth dry and my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth.

Amazingly, it was easier than I had anticipated, because I wasn’t asking for myself but something I passionately believed in. I didn’t feel cheap or moneygrubbing, I felt good and friends felt good about helping me. It was a revolutionary awakening for me.

For years I’ve gotten away with thinking that my knowledge, my ability to conceptualize and tell the story, was enough to inspire others to execute the vision. It turns out that if you want to achieve vision, execution is more important than knowledge. So I changed, and acknowledged that the way it is, is not the way it was, and if I wanted to make my dream a reality I had to act differently to make it happen…t’s a great life lesson.

From goose egg to gold, the dream is happening, and I’m asking you friends and relatives, to dip into your cookie jar and go to clowntownhealingfest.com and make a donation of any amount to help us make this paradigm shifting dream a reality. Any donation will let you take a ‘selfie’ with a red nose and you’ll join us in this red nose revolution that heals in community.