It’s been a difficult week in America; a cloud of death, danger and division, hangs over us. The news media focuses on what sells, so vandals, looters and provocateurs are hijacking the real agenda here; which is facing our entrenched institutional racism.

We know that All Lives Matter, but we also know that black lives in America are lived with more danger. We have surely made progress in the last 60 years; the Civil Rights Act, even elected a Black President but it’s clear that at a basic level we have not changed our prejudices, judgments, and behavior.

This week has been the perfect storm, disease, death, economic despair, and added to this the slaughter of George Floyd. Had this horror not been recorded it would have gone unnoticed; instead it has galvanized a movement that has given me hope.

I am watching people standing together, kneeling together, strategizing together, and willing to sacrifice their bodies for each other. I see the beginning of a new age of massive evolutionary change. The young don’t see the old boundaries as limiting, they see a linked global community who can learn from each other. They see the abuse of power, the endless violence we commit against each other and the planet, and they’re not buying it anymore.

Here’s a recommendation that every one of us can do to be part of this evolutionary change. In the midst of this pandemic we are at home more, so let’s restore the dinner meal to family ritual. Everybody comes to the table without any devices and talks to each other, about what you believe, your values, what it means to do unto others… and that the difference between right and wrong is not what you can get away with.

Do this and we’ll make America great again.