Elaine and I both lost our mothers during this past year, so this was the first Mother’s Day in recent years that we came together as only three generations. We still laughed, played, ate time-honored family recipes, blessed our families, and remembered our moms, grandmas, Omas and GGMas.

The week before, we celebrated the Passover holiday, which was my mother’s favorite holiday. This year at the Seder table, we sang her favorite melodies, and I smiled as I watched my children recite the traditional blessing after the festive meal. This was my Mama’s greatest joy, being surrounded by family, watching her stories being transmitted from generation to generation.

I think a parent’s ultimate gift to watch your kids commit their competence to their children. I miss my mama, but mostly I feel blessed by her memory. I see her spirit reflected in the life of my grandkids, and it reminds me that everything we love will go away but will come back to love us in another way.

Bear witness to your life . . . tell your stories to a fourth-generation (I’m just praying I’ll still be able to remember them).