Hello relatives, this is live from Iquitos on my annual international round-trip to Peru with Patch Adams, Gesundheit!, and a hundred clowns from a dozen countries. We clown, work with children, support local agencies, conduct clinics, paint houses and murals. I look forward to it every year with excitement; this is my annual guarantee for getting out of my head and into my soul. When my clown emerges it awakens me to my most open hearted self.

Here are some first week highlights:
At the opening Clown Parade I was again the Flamingo Ballerina as a Drum Major leading the Peruvian Naval Band through the streets of Belen. This excited me too. On Saturday night I tried out a new look and strolled the Plaza on a Saturday night in bloomers with the tutu around my chest, and a tiny pink top hat. The get-up.was a smash.

At a residential center a profoundly challenged, spastic young man picked me out to hug. Unlike Patch, I am not immediately attracted by snot and drool, but as a clown I never reject an invitation. This teenager wants to climb into my arms; and I hold onto him as he pulls himself up to share his drooling love up to my chest while I hold him, . Even the drooling excited me.

Patch did a healing ceremony for me one night, where 50 clowns surrounded me with a loving energy that made my skin sizzle and I felt at one with the world. That excited me too.