I am upstairs in the library, my private sanctuary, playing mini-basketball with my 16-year-old grandson. The competition is intense, because he likes nothing better than to beat the old man. In the middle of the chatter and laughter, my office phone rings. I don’t answer it, and he looks at me and asks “are you going to pick that up?” I tell him no, there is no place else I’d rather be.

I asked him if he’d answer his cell phone if it rang, and he acknowledged that he’d at least look at it and then make a decision. It didn’t take long before my lips were flapping double-time…even if it’s just for a moment it will take you someplace other than where you are right now…keep doing that you’ll never see what’s right in front of you and yada, yada, yada, until he finally said, “Papa, do you ever shut up? Save the stories for the campfire.”

This is my problem; nobody listens to stories around campfires much anymore.  It has become clear to this old storyteller that I have got to find a new fireplace if I want to get heard. So I’ve decided to publish my next book, Kindling Spirit: Healing from Within on RealitySandwich.com (RS). RS is the new sacred circle, an online community of 100,000 kindred spirits who share a mythology about how we sustain ourselves (and the planet) in a civil society.

I’m going to publish a new chapter on the fourth Tuesday of every month (www.realitysandwich.com/kindling_spirit_part+1); these are personal stories about ordinary triumphs, tragedies, miracles, indigenous wisdom, radical self-acceptance, and shamanic healing. During the time between chapters, it is my hope that if there is something in my story that touches you that you’ll take some time to tell me your stories; sharing our stories helps us make sense of our lives.

Check it out, it’s free, and if you’re interested in going beyond the medium of the webpages and want a more personal experience; think about joining our Kindling Spirit Telecircles. Let’s gather around this virtual fireplace and respectfully come together to listen to each others stories, because this is how we sustain soul in everyday life.

Join me on the healing journey, and let’s eat this sandwich together. I say this, For All My Relations, Mi Takuye Oyacin.

P.S. Still a little room in the Creating Healing Ceremonies workshop in Phoenix, May 21-23 (www.HealingDoc.com)