I’m 45 minutes into a video-conferencing call last week, when suddenly a pop-up appears on the screen telling me that I have 10 more minutes before this call will automatically end. BUT, if I buy the upgrade for only $19.95 I could talk to as many people, and for as long as I wanted. Accompanying this announcement was a digital timer ticking off the minutes and seconds I had remaining.

Thought about it afterwards, perhaps because I’m more sensitive nowadays to the fact that my clock is running down, the awareness of this countdown has been enlightening; it has magnified my appreciation of every moment, to love more intensely, to feel the blessings that’s surround me (and have too often taken for granted).

We don’t need a clock counting down our time, and I surely don’t want to know the exact time my screen goes blank. What we do need is to embrace life with fervor every day, to live passionately and without regret. Celebrate the fruits of your labors today, smile, laugh, dance, sing, be ridiculous, and tell those you love how important they are to you.

I say this for all my relations, Mi Takuye Oyacin

P.S. I didn’t buy the upgrade; I figured if it can’t say anything in an hour you need to take a break anyway. But I am doing another SchlagChat on Tues. Sept. 12 @ 6PM and we can talk about this among other things. Join me for an uninhibited 45 minute schmooze.